Document Management and Process automation

25 years of partnership with DocuWare. The document management system approved by the Tax Agency that makes you forget about searching and diving into islands of information.

What we like most about DocuWare  is that it allows you to manage the documentation of the entire company, it is scalable and 100% customisable and we adapt it to the way you work.

We are a DocuWare Gold Partner and Customer Service Champions,  which guarantees a smooth and successful implementation.

Main advantages you get with Docuware

Say goodbye to paper forever

Imagine easy, organised and fast access to information. Moreover, you will save space in your office and all the documentation will be well preserved.

It is scalable and 100% customisable, covering all your company's needs.

From SMEs to large companies, for all your departments, with different cloud / on-premise licensing options, you choose, and DocuWare grows and adapts.

Integrable with all your applications

ERP, HR, Signature Platform, Atecna's VIP Platform... DocuWare fits in well with the applications you already use and with the new solutions you want to implement.

Personalised access via profiles and guaranteed security

Each DocuWare user has his or her own profile settings with the assigned permissions and access you choose.

No more searching

Just ask, and DocuWare provides. It categorises and catalogues all your information. It also transfers the functionalities of the physical world to the digital world, so that everything is as tidy as possible (clips, folders, post-its, staplers).

Valuable metadata is linked to provide unlimited nested search capabilities.

Smart features

2 TOP smart features that you’ll love about DocuWare

Workflow Manager. When work flows

FORMS. Generate documents and contracts automatically in just a few simple steps.

Powerful, 100% modular functionality for creating complex workflows. Get the information flowing in the right order.

Capture the essentials with its intelligent system for reading invoice data: date, VAT number, amount… all the fields you can imagine…

Update versions directly, make progress in automatic accounting, manage your contracts or files efficiently.

Any user can create a form with the required fields. DocuWare turns it into the final document you want.

For example: You need customer information for a service contract. You create a form with this data and DocuWare integrates this data directly into a new document, a contract, with the desired clauses and conditions.

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