We support you in implementing effective document management for the automation and digitalization of your key administrative processes.

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Would you like to know if your company is dealing efficiently with all the documents it manages?

Do you have inquiries regarding the advantages of process automation and digitization?

Get your diagnosis and discover how to streamline your administrative processes.

How can you improve the document management in your company?

A 360º solution is waiting so you can win more time.

Have you thought about the time you are wasting dealing with rutinary low value manual tasks?

At Atecna we know that you need to invest time in what truly matters. We are here, so your company achieves an efficient and personalized document management.

We analyze your situation and guide you from the very beginning through the entire process to save time, build confidence, and enhance efficiency in your company.

We have the solution that best fits your company.


Purchasing process




HR File


Document signing process


Quality Processes

Purchasing process

The purchasing process is key to managing your company. Documentation travels among different team mates, requires validation and approval workflows, data verification, and without a clear procedure and adapted technology, it consumes many resources.

Automatically save all your documentation in the manager and automate business rules with the help of SID.

Streamline the purchasing process with a solution that allows you to go from days of management to getting it done within 24 hours.

Enjoy a 360º management of your document process. We handle the complete lifecycle of the document, from creation to deletion.

Document management consulting and implementation

We assist you in designing and implementing the best solution with a dedicated and expert team committed to your project.

We integrate with your system in an organic, collaborative, and non-intrusive way.

Achieving 4.0 management has never been so easy.

Design of electronic signature processes

We design and implement your certified and secure electronic signature process, ensuring the integrity of your workflows and documents.

Save time, avoid risks, and ensure your identity

Sign wherever and whenever you want.


We integrate into your company, with the best team and top-notch RPA technology.

Outsource your company’s key administrative processes.

Increase efficiency, enhance quality, and optimize your resources.

We work as a unified team.

Document digitization

We digitize your documents for optimal information and data management. We convert all types of documents, regardless of format or volume.

We ensure immediate access to documentation, preservation, and security.

All your documents at just one click.

Document storage

We keep safe your company’s documentation in our facilities, ensuring management, security, and confidentiality.

We deliver the document when and where you need it, either physically or digitally.

Free up space and save time – we take care of everything.

Technology tailored for people

We provide the technology that best suits your company's needs.

Technology should be a means, never an end. That’s why we work with technological systems that assist you on the path to efficient management.

VIP Platform


Connect, synchronize, combine, unify data and integrate systems. End the dispersion and silos of information.

SID is a family of BOT's that orchestrates the different business systems and applications (ERP, GED, ECM,...) so that interoperability is real.

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VIP Platform

We are aware that the process of receiving and processing invoices can be costly and challenging to manage.

We digitize this process from invoice reception to its integration and automatic accounting in the ERP, streamlining a key administrative process.

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Electronic signature platform

Sign any document from anywhere with full security and a certified system with legal guarantees.

We make it easy for you with our multi-signature solution. You choose the type of electronic signature that best fits the moment and the document.

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The document management system certified by the Tax Agency that makes you forget about searching and diving into information islands.

We are Gold Partners of Docuware, ensuring a proper and successful implementation.

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Plataforma VIP

Tecnología propia para la gestión de facturas. Evoluciona a la gestión 4.0.

Plataforma Firma

Firma cualquier documento desde cualquier lugar con seguridad plena y un sistema homologado.


Agiliza el acceso a la documentación y los flujos de trabajo con DocuWare.


Conecta, sincroniza, combina, unifica datos e integra sistemas.

We are experts in the digital transformation of key administrative processes, based on document management through digitization, data management, and system interoperability.

Companies that trust us and our technology.

Since 1997, we’ve been facilitating digitization in administrative management for leading and strategic companies that recognize the value of working with a committed and close-knit team like Atecna.

If there’s something our clients appreciate, it’s the closeness, professionalism, and humanity of our team.

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Así opinan nuestros clientes


Lo que nos convenció fueron las referencias de clientes con tipología similar y que pudiera ser exportable a otras empresas del grupo.

La respuesta ante los cambios que planteamos ha sido la de aclarar, implementar y sigo teniendo la misma sensación que al principio. Tranquilidad.

Son muy buenos en generar confianza. Y la confianza se mantiene en el tiempo, no es solo para la venta.

We are Atecnícolas

Behind every solution is a team that thinks about you and your well-being.

We can’t talk about technology without people. We focus our way of working around each client.  We know that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t actually fit anyone. That’s why we develop personalized, human-scale document management technology solutions.

La Factoría

Do you want to know are home?

Here, we dream, create, work, and celebrate. Because life is only one, and every moment should be celebrated. La Factoría is the body that envelops the soul of Atecna. A place where things happen, and where you will always have the doors open.

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