We design your electronic signature process

Certified and secure it guarantees the integrity of your workflows and documents. Save time, avoid risks and keep safe your identity. Sign wherever and however you want.

You are not sure about which electronic signature system is best suited to your day-to-day work?

At Atecna we analyse your processes and design an electronic signature system that meets your needs and guarantees the security of your document management procedures.

We are a certified registration agency for the issuance of Professional Signature and Camerfirma digital certificates.

In-house signature platform

Why should you already have our in-house signature platform in place?

Trust is a question of security and control. With our electronic signature platform you will gain peace of mind, security and time by being the one who decides what type of signatures you want to use

Where can you apply your electronic signature?

The electronic signature allows you to sign from any device in a secure and non-intrusive way. You can use it for:

What types of signature can I use?

«The signature platform» allows you to sign without installing any application on your mobile device. You only need to have internet access.

Multi-platform signature

Notification and communication services

Electronic notification and communication
Certified messages and e-mails

Multi-signature solution

Combine signatures according to your business rules

You set the rules of your business and we create the multi-signature solution that best suits your criteria.

In case you need the responsible person to sign the same document with a certificate and another with OTP, it is possible.

Moreover, you choose which authentication criteria you want to apply to each signature.

Signature with full legal validity

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