Digitise your personnel file and take a giant step forward in labour relations.

It all starts with the receipt of a resume. From there, the documentation that you can collect in the HR department is varied and extensive: interview feedbacks, assessments, employment contracts, onboarding plans, certifications, sick leave forms, terminations of employment…

When we talk about people, about our team, we must take care of every detail and facilitate a good employee experience.

And at ATECNA, if there’s one thing that drives us, it’s people. So, nothing escapes us.

The entire work cycle integrated in a single file

We design customized solutions to have control of the documents that make up each file.

Selection process: reception of resumes, interviews, evaluations.

New hires and incorporations: Social Security, bank account, ID card…

Electronic signature and automatic filing of the contract

Onboarding plan

Training plan

Leaves of absecence


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Centralise and unify information, guarantee agility, security and confidentiality.

Automate the sending of payrolls and streamline the document archive through WEB forms. A powerful search engine makes it easy to access any document with a single click.

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