Document Storage

In our facilities we store your company’s information, guaranteeing management, security and confidentiality. We deliver the document when and where you need it, physically or digitally.

Save time and space in your company

Do you need to save space in your company? Do you have important documents that need to be stored? Do you need to securely destroy confidential documents?

We collect your documents, sort and classify them so that you can retrieve them whenever you need.

Our Custody team guarantees you a safe space to store the documentation, files or records that you no longer use in your day-to-day work but you need to keep.

We take care of the safe destruction of confidential or sensitive documentation that you no longer need or can keep.

Forget about chaos and gain space in your offices with our storage service. Contact our team today for an initial consultation and find the best storage solution.

The largest private archive in Navarra

All these benefits await you in our private archive.

We do the inventory for you

We collect all your documentation and sort it according to the parameters that best suit your organization:

By dates: A “from” “to” that makes the search easier

By type of document: invoices, orders, files, projects, medical records, contracts, etc.

By different physical formats: paper, hard disks, CDs, audios…

We update the inventories every time you add new documentation to the archive.

Once a year we will provide you with the list of documents to be expunged.

You decide how you want to organize it and we make it possible.

Unlimited storage including logistic

We keep as much information as you need for as long as you want. Unlimited storage for your peace of mind and security.

Intelligent tracking with an advanced search algorithm

We retrieve what you need to consult with an intelligent search system and a private QR code that ensures your file is located at all times.

We move for you

We bring you the document you need to consult wherever you are within 24 hours.
As soon as we receive your request email, we locate the document and deliver it to you by hand, send it to you by email in PDF, or even make it available to you encrypted in a secure repository. When you have finished, we will pick it up. Save time and trips

360º Traceability

Each document has a unique tracking system that guarantees that you know where it is and who has consulted it at any given moment. We monitor the journey of your files.

We advise you on legal matters

So you know the deadline to keep your documents alives.
We provide you the necessary guidance to help you make informed decisions regarding the retention or destruction of your documents, ensuring that you are in full compliance with legal obligations.

Final delivery

If you decide to retrieve your information to your premises for good, we will deliver it to you fully sorted according to the inventory we created together at the time.

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