See the difference with our comprehensive document management solution.

Control the entire administrative process from start to finish.

Yes, at Atecna we know that a 360° solution is one of the biggest advantages when it comes to managing your administrative processes. That’s why we digitise the entire lifecycle of a document, from the moment it is generated until it is destroyed. Join the change; Join management 4.0.

Learn about the 6 steps of our 360º process

Document generation

Documents can come from different origins. But this is not a problem at Atecna, we manage documents from any source:

1) Digitisation and Indexing

We digitise everything! Any format, size, or volume. In addition, we take care of obtaining unique and valuable data. The origin of the documents to be digitised may be:

Paper: We scan it and extract the necessary information. The unique and valuable data that allows us to take better decisions.

PDF: Like paper documents, we extract the necessary information and integrate it into our document management system.

2) Document management

We offer solutions tailored to your organisation and needs. We offer you Boutique service. Forget about:

– Unauthorised access to information and documents.

– Waste of time and patience searching for documents.

– Manual data entry and serious risk of error.

3) Workflows

We design the necessary workflows and customize them for your company based on the processes you already have defined. The leap to digitalisation has never been so easy.

4) Electronic signature

The signature is what guarantees the security and validity of each of the actions: signing of contracts, approval of invoices, HR documentation… We provide you with the system that best suits each process:

– Digital signature with certificate.

– Biometric signature.

– Remote OTP signature.

Sign all documents without hesitation and with the guarantee of maintaining maximum confidentiality, legality, and security.

5) Integration

All of the above would be meaningless without a non-intrusive integration with the systems your company uses. Our priority is to make the whole process easy to implement, without creating headaches. We are talking about your ERP. We integrate it with the major brands: SAP, DYNAMICS, ORACLE, JD EDWARS, SAGE.

Interoperability gives meaning to digitalisation.

6) Preservation, custody, and destruction

Like everything else in life, information and documentation are subject to cycles of conservation and destruction.

For physical documentation, we have the largest private archive in Navarre. Here we safeguard and care for this documentation, guaranteeing availability, confidentiality, conservation, and control.

In the cloud, we manage all digital documentation with the same security guarantees but multiply the capacity to access and interact with the information.

Do you have documentation that you want to keep in a safe place or in the cloud? Do you have documents that need to be destroyed in a certified manner? We take care of everything.

Do you need our advice?

Take a look at our consulting and implementation methodology, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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