The best document management solution

We help you design and implement the best document management solution with an expert team committed to your project.

Surely you wouldn’t consider climbing K2 without a team of experienced Sherpas, so why risk doing it with the most sensitive part of your company? Put your Document Management in the best hands.

We adapt to your system in an organic, collaborative and non-intrusive way.

Achieving MANAGEMENT 4.0 has never been easier.

Consulting and implementation

We listen and analyse your needs in order to accompany you in the correct implementation of the solution.

Step 01

Meet you

The first thing is to get to know each other and see what your company’s needs are. Meet the team that will help you through the process.

Step 02

Team work

We listen to you and go over the project goals. We validate the project plan: scope, phases,  timelines and deliveries.

Step 03

Guiding you

We guide you to achieve the digital transformation and optimization of your process. We provide you with a technical report and a document flow prepared by the project’s analysts and consultants.

Step 04

First tests

Before we deliver the solution to you, we test it and make sure that everything works as we want it to.

Step 05

We got it

We implement and deploy the solution. We take care of training all the people involved. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

Step 06

Growing with you

Your peace of mind is guaranteed. We walk with you until everything is running smoothly. 

Do you want to extend the solution to new areas? We make a collection of new needs to be implemented.  

These are some of the processes we work with

We accompany you every step of the way, providing guidance and support as we implement and fine-tune the solution.

Servicio 360º

Marca la diferencia en gestión documental.

Expediente de ventas

Digitaliza y ten el control durante todo el proceso.

Firma de documentos

Deshazte del papeleo agilizando los procesos con firmas electrónicas.

Proceso de compras

Optimízalo para hacer en horas lo que antes costaba días.

Expediente de RRHH

Diseña a medida tu gestor documental para el departamento de personas.

Gestión de calidad

Digitaliza y automatiza tus procesos garantizando seguridad y confidencialidad.

Collaborative work and Agile Tools

If you have already joined Agile Methodologies, we work with you using collaborative work tools so that you can keep track of all the tasks.

  • Kanban: Allows you to quickly see the status of your projects.
  • Timelines: Document that establishes the duration of a project.
  • EDT: Graphic view of the project.

Technology we implement

We accompany you every step of the way, providing guidance and support as we implement and fine-tune the solution

VIP Platform

Tecnología propia para la gestión de facturas. Evoluciona a la gestión 4.0.

Electronic Signature Platform

Firma cualquier documento desde cualquier lugar con plena seguridad.


Agiliza el acceso a la documentación y los flujos de trabajo con DocuWare.


Conecta, sincroniza, combina, unifica datos e integra sistemas.