La Factoría

A vibrant and dynamic space, where everything happens.

A workspace with its own soul and personality. Light and air, space and comfort.

la factoría

We refer to La Factoría as

terraza - la factoría

Our home, our workspace, the place where the magic happens. A dream come true. More than just a building.

We have been nurturing this dream for years, until we created an optimal place for work and for people. A place that reflects our way of being and working, where we can be true to our values.

At La Factoría, we manufacture data and harmonise information, our raw material is the disjointed, non-integrated information, the paper documentation an input that we transform into the final product, the digital, the valuable, unique and related data.

Is the place where we work, we receive and welcome companies, we develop our projects, we share and disseminate knowledge, we organise competitions and we also celebrate events. Because in life we also have to celebrate the good things that happen to us with our team.

We have La Cantina, the place for meeting, training, team dynamics, eating in company, doing sport, or debating after watching a good film.

A prize-winning place

The Official Basque-Navarre Association of Architects has awarded us!

Dotacional and Industrial Architecture in the category of Warehouses and offices.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to see that well-done and soulful work is rewarded.

fachada - la factoria

Your outsourcing space in La Factoría

If you are looking for a fully equipped space, with privacy, guaranteed confidentiality and an external professional team to work with, Atecna’s Factory is the place for you.

Invest in quality and expertise in our spaces for your company.