Plataforma VIP : Atecna

Automate the electronic exchange of invoices

Receive and send invoices in any format and over any required network. Streamline and automate your accounts receivable and accounts payable processes.

Proceso de cuentas ​

Accounting process

Accounts receivable

Facturación por cobrar
Envío de facturas a clientes

Sending invoices to customers

The VIP Platform connects to other platforms (public, private and international networks) to automate the sending of your invoices.

Conversor de formatos

Format converter

Convert the electronic invoice to the demanded format by your customer. Complies with legal invoicing requirements.

Documentación adicional

Additional documentation

The VIP platform allows you to attach additional documents to the invoice, such as delivery notes.

Accounts payable

Facturación por pagar
Facturación centralizada y automatizada

Centralized and automate invoicing

Centralize and automate the receipt of future purchase invoices with the VIP Platform, facilitating the sending to your suppliers by connecting to their platforms, email server or directly from the VIP Platform WEB client.

Validación y notificación

Validation and notification

Using RPA technology , the Platform intelligently validates invoice formats and data, automates business rules , notifies suppliers of status changes and structures XML files for optimal viewing.

Formatos y métodos requeridos por el ERP

ERP required formats and methods

Connect to your ERP or CMS to integrate invoice data and/or files in the formats and methods required by the ERP, and convert invoices to ERP-required integration formats as needed.

Integración y conexión

  Integration and connectivity  

The VIP platform is integrated and connected to public and private platforms and international networks.

Interoperabilidad de sistemas : Plataforma VIP

  System interoperability  

VIP Platform integrates with your ERP eliminating manual tasks providing valuable time savings and traceability



Conversión de formatos y RPA plataforma vip
Conversión de formatos

Format conversion

  • Electronic invoice formats.

  • ERP integration formats



  • Format validation

  • Data validation

  • Business rules

  • Status notifications

 Cloud Repository  

The VIP Platform safeguards invoices sent, received and related documents. A single repository that guarantees traceability and consultation of information through an efficient search engine based on selection filters. Extends functionality and incorporates powerful approval workflows.

Repositorio Cloud


Availability of a dashboard with usage information and financial data summary of processed invoices.

Dashboard Plataforma VIP


Streamlined processes

Improved relationship with suppliers

Reduction of manual errors

Greater process control

Centralised access to information