Somos Atecnícolas

Behind every document management solution is a team that thinks about you and your well-being.

A team who thinks of you

We cannot talk about technology without people. We focus our way of working on each client. Because we know that coffee for everyone is coffee for no one. That is why we develop customised technological solutions for document management on a human scale.

We are atecnícolas by choice and people with principles. That’s how we are at Atecna.

Principles statement

We listen to each customer and start creating the document management solution that best suits each working environment. Flexibility is even in our team fitness routine to keep us in shape.

The Atecna tribe is team and vitamins. We’re on the move and we love to collaborate with clients like you, who like it and don’t stop in the face of adversity. We are always looking ahead to transform, grow and become a better team.

We work with care and dedication to improve the digital health of each company. We understand digital health as providing you with the digitisation and document management solutions that keep your organisation in top shape, without headaches or open-hearted technological interventions that compromise the results and the objective: quality, healthy data and agile access to information.

Without any artifice. We are all about closeness and simplicity. We avoid incomprehensible technicalities that only generate confusion. Nothing better than a good example to explain what we do.

We do not make up the reality. If we are not able to give our best, we tell you so. We can also make mistakes, but we always acknowledge our mistakes and compensate our customers even if they have not detected the fault.

We make sure that all the operations you carry out with our solutions are secure and legally compliant. We do not take false steps and we play it safe to avoid any risk.

Your freedom as a customer comes first. We do not like to have captive companies. We like to train and accompany you so that you have the independence and skills necessary for free management. If at some point you decide not to continue with Atecna, you will not have to go through an endless struggle to continue with your administrative management.

You will not hear us talking bad about anyone. Respect for other people’s work is always present, even if they have been competitors. We do not believe in the path of disqualification to achieve our goals.

Nobody said it was easy or predictable. But here we are. We usually say that we’ve been here for 25 years and we’re going for another 25. But one at a time, for whatever may come. No rush, no pause. We opned La Factoría in the middle of a pandemic, so few things will be able to stop us from continuing to bet on what we believe in.

12 nationalities colour Atecna. We deal with suppliers and customers in 11 different languages. Experience has shown us that knowing the culture of the people we deal with facilitates communication and connection. And we love sharing multicultural experiences with our international team.

Put a face to our team

You have heard us say it before, but above all we are Paty, Gorka, Fernando, Yolanda, Mikel, Jaime, Sandra, Emy…. And so on up to 83.

Give us a face for when we talk on the phone or write to each other by email.

Join our talent pool

Who knows, tomorrow it may be your picture next to us. At Atecna we are looking for talent and people who share our principles. If you identify with our way of working and digital challenges are your thing, send us your CV and tell us about yourself. We will consider you in our recruitment processes.

¿A qué suena Atecna?

¿Te hemos dicho que nos gusta celebrar TODO?. Pues sí, nos encanta celebrar los cumpleaños, los retos, los logros y la vida. Y que mejor manera para celebrar que una buena selección de música Atecna suena a vitaminas, inspiración, buen rollo y mucho trabajo en equipo.