Atecna Comprometida

We return to society what it has given us so much.

We do not simply aim for excellence in service.

We invest to improve the quality of work and our ecosystem.

We promote and develop actions for the common good and business sustainability.

All of us at Atecna are determined to contribute to build a more equitable, just and committed society.

Health comes first

"Sello azul" of Mutua Navarra as a company

Mutua Navarra is convinced of this and so is Atecna. The most profitable companies are those that take care of their staff. Taking care of our team’s wellbeing is rewarded.

You will be pleased to know that in order to achieve this, we have “atecnícolas” who also train us and offer us stretching sessions, self-defence or postural correction.

We normalise, promote and make female talent visible.

AMEDNA's Reconcilia label and support for entrepreneurs

The female perspective is transversal in all sectors. It is also an endless source of innovation for adapting everything that until now has been thought, decided and created by men without taking into account that it can be used and enjoyed by 51% of the population, women.

Becoming “atecnícola” is also empowering and empowering inside and outside of La Factoría. That is why we love to promote women entrepreneurs from Navarre by making them our suppliers and giving them the visibility they deserve.

We love “Los jabones de Montse”, an entrepreneur from Navarre who takes care of our skin while we take care of the environment.

Or the Reconcilia seal of AMEDNA, the Association of Businesswomen and Women Managers of Navarre, which awarded us with the Reconcilia seal for having the necessary material means at the service of people. The appropriate resources for today and tomorrow and facilitating access to training that qualifies people for better performance.

We are committed to the most vulnerable population so that no one is left behind.

Collaboration agreement with the Red Cross

Donation and support to Ukraine

Civilians are the ones who suffer most from the consequences of war. We know that money does not solve everything, but it can help create new opportunities and reduce the inequalities aggravated by political crises.

For children’s right to play

That no child in social difficulty is left without a toy at Christmas. Under this challenge we participate in the “Foster a letter” initiative, for the right to play in childhood. Non-sexist and war-free toys that promote healthy play.

Integration of people with disabilities into the labour market. All good things start without barriers

At Atecna we believe that the only disability is a bad attitude towards life. That’s why we learn every day and work with people who bring us new visions and approaches to keep growing.

We collaborate with Navarre Food Bank

On World Hunger Day, we promote our food collection campaign. So that nobody suffers from shortage of food to put in their mouths.

With our 0 paper goal, we contribute to maintaining and caring for our forests.

Digitalisation gives us oxygen

It couldn’t be otherwise, since we love our Irati Forest, in Navarra, the largest beech forest in Europe, as much as we do. We love to get lost in it in autumn. And if we want to continue enjoying these gifts that Nature gives us, we must take care of them every day.

That is why we are working towards going paperless in business, so that we will always have our forests and jungles alive.

We walk together in waste management

Together with the Mancomunidad de Pamplona, we train atecnícolas in waste management and set up our own composting station. In addition to complying with the Sustainable Development Goals, we seek to:


Asset 13x

We carefully select our suppliers on the basis of ethical, social and proximity criteria.

Asset 13x

Since 2015 we carry out the diagnosis for the Common Good Economy promoted by the EU.

Asset 13x

We provide full transparency in our economic indicators.

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